Adios, Mission. Dogpatch Becomes New Home for Street Food Festival

This past weekend marked the seventh-annual San Francisco Street Food Festival where food trucks and aspiring chefs from La Cocina brought their culinary creations to the public.

For the first time since its inception as a large-scale outdoor street market, whichblocked off sections of Folsom Street in the Mission for two days, the festival found a new home at Pier 70 in Building 12, a rusty historic structure along the main entrance to the waterfront in the Dogpatch.

Once housing over 18,000 shipbuilders daily during WWII, as well as the initial construction for transit along the Transbay Tunnel, this derelict building has become somewhat of a DIY space for events, such as car shows and the annualGhost Ship Halloween Party organized by artist collective Space Cowboys.

“We loved it when we first saw it because it feels like what our clients are about, which is sort of this raw energy, this potential, this legacy of labor which is harder and harder to find,” said Caleb Zigas, Executive Director at La Cocina.

With over 100 owner-operated food vendors packed into indoor and outdoor spaces adorned with furniture constructed mostly out of recycled pallets, a room dedicated to artwork from local The Midway gallery and an outdoor stage featuring indie rock performances hosted by Noise Pop, the new venue was quite the departure from the Mission streets that first gave the festival its rise.

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