All Hail! Plant Cafe Organic Location Opens in Dogpatch


With a newly opened location in the Dogpatch, the Plant Cafe Organic now boasts seven Bay Area locations. The company also plans to open another Financial District location, on the corner of Pine and Montgomery, later this fall.

The new Dogpatch menu will be similar to other locations, with a focus on organic ingredients and sustainable meat and seafood. The only difference is that it is adjacent to the company’s bakery and catering kitchen, so co-owner Matthew Guelke says they will be testing out new menu items at this location first.

With 2,500 square feet and a back patio, the new cafe will seat 50 to 60 seat total. It’s one of the newer retail businesses in an industrial complex that houses a woodworker, cobbler and other businesses, says Guelke.

“That whole block is opening up with more and more retail. It’s a very interesting area. There is an incredible diversity of crafts and trades that take place,” he adds.


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