Casey’s Pizza Fires Up Mission Bay Dining with Permanent Home

Photo: Patricia Chang

San Francisco’s first pizza truck is now a restaurant, a quick walk from the Exchange in Mission Bay.

Old school pizzas have a shiny new home at the permanent location of popular food truck Casey’s Pizza, which opened for good last week at 1170 4th Street (at Channel) in the equally shiny new Mission Bay neighborhood.

The location is a long time coming for chef/owner and namesake Casey Crynes, who started his business in 2011 and claims the title of San Francisco’s first pizza truck. FiDi workers have flocked to Casey’s truck for years, and now he hopes his new neighbors will do the same. There could be lot of them, with Mission Bay’s growing mass of office and hospital workers and even the Golden State Warriors on the way.

It’s no coincidence that the area’s other well-known food tenant is Reveille, a cafe that opened last summer. “That was one of the reasons I moved in here — I knew those guys, they inspired me with my truck,” says Crynes. Reveille, too, began as a food truck, one in the same cohort as Crynes’.

Now complete, the restaurant holds 28 seats with a Douglas fir slab bar from Oakland’s Lucas Ford. And with ample kitchen space compared to the truck, Crynes and partner/general manager Robin Luu will offer more styles of Neopolitan, East Coast Pizza.

The oven at the permanent Casey’s is the same as the one in the truck —a brick-lined double-deck Marsal & Sons pizza oven — but in Mission Bay, oven capacity is doubled, and Casey’s will offer eight varieties rather than three. The best-seller, Crynes suspects, will remain pepperoni, made with Zoe’s Meats pepperoni.

Meanwhile, Luu has a new menu of salads like a little gem Caesar and for dessert they’ll serve ice cream sundaes with seasonal toppings. Beer and wine are also available. Think “nice reds that pair well with pizza.” Crynes, an avid homebrewer and beer fan, will pour brews from Black Sands, Cellarmaker, and Harmonic, with whom he hopes to do a collaboration beer soon.

As for their truck, it’s “in hibernation mode” for now. After the restaurant is established, it’s expected to return to the FiDi daily.

Hours are are 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday with online ordering and take-out available and lunch to come.

via EaterSF