Analog Roots

Get to know some of San Francisco’s earliest neighborhoods, where a 200-year tradition of entrepreneurial spirit gains steam in the modern age.

Mission Bay

The birthplace of San Francisco’s industry and trade, this neighborhood is staying true to its hardworking waterfront roots while it finds its modern footing as the city’s Innovation Corridor. Born a bustling corridor of commerce during California’s Gold Rush, Mission Bay was once a dense grid of shipyards, mills and rail. Today home to the city’s burgeoning innovation sector, this historic waterfront again embraces industry, attracting the likes of UCSF, The Gap, Cisco Systems and the Gladstone Institute. Connected to dynamic neighborhoods rich in craft and culture, Mission Bay is once again an influential hub of industry enhanced by deep artisanal spirit.


Settled by early immigrants and one of the few to survive the 1906 earthquake, Dogpatch blooms with architecturally significant buildings, an emerging arts district and colorful culture.

Potrero Hill

Home to the first ironworks in the West, Potrero Hill helped create California’s railways, the Golden Gate Bridge and Grace Cathedral and today is loved for its thriving artisan community.

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