New Restaurant to Area // The Plant Cafe Organic in Dogpatch

Matthew Guelke and Mark Lewis decided to ditch the tech world to try to create a healthy form of fast food last decade. They started with  a single restaurant in the Marina in December of 2005.

Today, their plans are going well. Two new central locations for The Plant Cafe Organic are opening up soon, which will bring their total number of restaurants to eight.

“The idea is to expand the access for everybody to eat this way easily,” Guelke tells us.

The duo’s eatery was originally called Lettus, but they changed the name to The Plant Café Organic after about a year and a half, because a restaurant group called Lettuce Entertain You out of Chicago got testy about the name.

They added a location on the Embarcadero on Pier 3 in 2009 after Piers 1 1/2, 3 and 5 were redeveloped, and now they also have locations at 101 California in the FiDi, in the Marina and Mill Valley, and a franchise operation at SFO.


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