Planning Rules In Favor

Mission Bay Block 40 revised design: The "Exchange on 16th"

Having been completely redesigned by Los Angeles-based Rios Clementi Hale Studios, Kilroy Realty’s “Exchange on 16th,” a 700,000-square-foot office and retail development to rise at 16th and Owens on Mission Bay Block 40, was at risk of having to be re-approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission.

But in consultation with San Francisco’s Planning Director, Planning Department staff has determined that the new design is “in general conformity with the previous 2013 Planning Commission approvals for Block 40,” and therefore, “the development does not require additional Planning Commission approvals.”

As the project looked when approved in 2013:

Mission Bay Block 40 Original Design

In addition to redesigning the buildings, Kilroy has also redesigned the project’s open spaces, including the Bike Plaza adjacent to I-280 on 16th Street which has been reworked “to accommodate food trucks” in an effort to help activate the area that might not naturally draw the casual user.

Mission Bay Block 40 Open Spaces

A few new perspectives on the project from above, and as it will appear to those entering the city on I-280:

Mission Bay Block 40 Aerial SW

Kilroy is planning to start construction on the Exchange later this year.

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